Dear Fellow Bonsai Enthusiast,

Bonsai is the fine art of “growing trees in trays”, and it is an ancient art imported from the East. It doesn’t require much in the way of space and makes for a perfectly enjoyable and revitalizing hobby.

bonsai-trident-maple-masterpiece.jpgStruggling with stress and feeling out of touch with nature? Growing bonsai has provided me with hours of enjoyment and communion with the natural world right here in the space of my home. Growing and shaping bonsai trees into fine specimens of art is no small thing in itself. A high level of discipline and patience is required in order to achieve any form of success in growing bonsai.

However, ANYONE can grow bonsai and grow them well enough. The world of growing bonsai is not restricted to a certain age group or a certain fraternity. It is open to all who have the interest, and are willing to learn and grow along with their bonsai trees.


Growing bonsai helps in soothing ones’ nerves after a stressful day at work, when you will find yourself looking forward to tending your bonsai trees, and gazing upon the little micro gardens that you have created in small trays or pots. And this is what growing bonsai is best defined as – artistic micro gardening.

starter-bonsai-tree-small.jpgA little bonsai tree on your office table certainly puts a touch of the natural world right onto your desktop. If you’re an apartment dweller, growing bonsai can be all the gardening you need. It doesn’t require space or a lawn mower to function. That’s the beauty of bonsai. Any kind of tree that can be adapted to grow in miniature form can be grown as bonsai.

Whether you are a beginner in bonsai growing or an expert, you can be sure that growing bonsai is about experimentation and a dose of creativity. But even if your expectations out of growing bonsai are low, and all you want is a cute little miniature tree to decorate your workspace, you will still need the necessary knowledge to nurture your little bonsai tree and make it thrive. Growing bonsai should be the enjoyable and personally satisfying experience that it is.

This is a site about growing bonsai and provides information, tips, and advice on growing bonsai trees. Even though there are many bonsai ideas everywhere, bonsai is an art form that is always open to your own personal touch. With your very own ideas and endeavor, you can certainly grow a bonsai tree you will always be proud of!